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Why You Should Choose a VA Savvy Realtor

When you think of enlisting a realtor, you might think simply finding a qualified and experienced one is satisfactory. The truth is, despite being qualified and experienced, not all realtors have the same type of experience. If you’re a veteran or an active duty service member, you’ll benefit from enlisting a VA savvy realtor when looking for a home because although VA loans come with many benefits, you might still run into hurdles along the way. Added to that, purchasing a home using a VA loan is unlike regular bank loans and needs expertise so that you meet all of the VA guidelines and requirements.

Here are 4 reasons why you should make sure your realtor is knowledgeable about VA loans:

1. They’ll help you buy or sell a home quickly

Military members relocate often and usually at short notice, which means the process of buying or selling a home will have to be accelerated. A realtor who’s used to working with active duty service members understands this and is able to handle the pressure of closing a deal on a tight deadline. They’ll also be able to accommodate you by offering virtual tours of potential homes and making sure that they don’t skimp on profit when making a fast sale.

2. They understand your needs as a military member or veteran

Military members and veterans have different needs to clients who work regular jobs that don’t require them to relocate frequently. For example, even though criteria such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, price, school district and square footage are important – special accommodations may need to be made for disabled veterans who need housing grants or an accessible environment. People in the military and veterans may also suffer from PTSD and a realtor that specializes in VA loans will take this into account, making sure to move you to a suitable property in a good area.

3. They’ll find you a VA approved property

To buy a property using a VA loan, the property has to be VA approved, which means it must meet certain occupancy numbers, be transparent about any current litigation, provide financial statements and meet HOA bylaws.

A realtor without VA loan experience may not know this information, which could result in you wasting precious time and money viewing a property you can’t even purchase.

4. They’ll refer you to a reputable VA lender

Although many lenders claim to process VA loans, some of them might not have enough experience and therefore lack knowledge on the type of documentation needed to process this type of loan. This can lead to your application getting denied at closing and you losing your dream home.

An experienced VA loan realtor has a network of lenders that can help you get approved with the correct documentation, making sure you close on time.

If you’re an active service duty member or a veteran, you should find a qualified and experienced realtor who’s knowledgeable in VA loans when selling or buying a home. This will make the process much more seamless, especially if you need special accommodations or need to move frequently due to the demands of your job.

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