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Things to Discuss with an Experienced Senior Relocation Realtor

As we age, our priorities change and we need to make adjustments to deal with our new reality. For many people, this often includes downsizing from a larger home to something smaller or selling a home to move to a senior living facility that offers round the clock care for elderly people. If you or your parents are in your golden years and are considering any of the options we’ve just mentioned, be sure to ask your senior relocation specialist the following questions so that you can be assured in this process.

How many elderly clients have you worked with?

Buying or selling a home comes with a lot of stress, especially if you’re an elderly person who’s lived on the same property for decades. The emotional turmoil of letting go of a property that’s sentimental to you can make the process much harder, which is why it’s important to know that the realtor you’re working with has worked with a number of elderly clients.

This offers reassurance and can give you the peace of mind you need during a difficult transition period in your life.

When should I begin the senior relocation process?

The earlier you begin the process, the better. The process should ideally begin with a psychological aspect so that you’re mentally and emotionally prepared for the move. Writing a plan that includes goals will also make the process easier. This plan should include a senior relocation realtor, lawyer, financial advisor, and loved ones.

Writing a plan out months or years in advance can help you avoid a situation where you’re relocating at the last minute and making bad decisions based on desperation. An experienced senior relocation realtor should also be able to help with the ins and outs of the sale, ensuring that your plan isn’t missing any important steps.

What method of communication will you use?

Realtors primarily use digital methods of communication, but this isn’t always practical for senior citizens. Finding out how your realtor plans to communicate about viewings, possible offers and other important pieces of information is key so that you don’t miss the communication.

Should the property be sold before or after moving into a new home or assisted living?

This depends on what the seller is comfortable with doing. Sometimes a property has to be prepared prior to being put on the market. Some people may not be comfortable with still living in the space while the home is being repaired, renovated and decluttered to prepare for a home stage. Sellers are also advised not to be present during home showings and elderly clients may not be able to leave for every showing due to physical and mental limitations. It therefore might be best to make alternative living arrangements while the home is on the market (if the finances allow you to). Otherwise, plans can be made by your senior relocation realtor if you need to sell the property before moving to a new one.

The golden years are a period in life that many of us will eventually reach. By keeping the above points in mind, we’ll be able to enlist the best senior relocation realtor during one of the most difficult transition periods, allowing the process to be smoother and less taxing. We are happy to answer any questions and provide local resources for you 619-944-5972