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Pacific Palace Design

Perfect Palace Design offers a one of a kind interior design experience. We offer all inclusive packages and ala carte services. Perfect Palace Design is proud to present affordable luxury.

Why us?

  • Clients come to us because they want their home or office to reflect them but often don’t know where to look for such pieces. Our easy design process allows us to get to know you and craft a unique look for your space.
  • The most common complaint in interior design is expectations- we offer transparent pricing for services and timely communication from start to finish. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!
  • We’ve also solved the issue of time management- we take on a select number of clients per month to ensure you receive the highest class of VIP customer service.
  • We keep in contact with you even after your project is complete in case a piece just doesn’t feel right to you. Returning customers are offered special furniture deals if available.

Gallery of design examples (below)

Get started with a free consultation by completing this form or calling us directly! (619) 944-5972