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5 Reasons Why Staging Increases Your Top Dollar

Are you thinking about staging your home? Did you know there are 5 reasons why staging increases your top dollar? The San Diego real estate market is often bustling with buyers looking for their perfect home or next investment property. Why not make it easier for them to visualize how best to utilize the space? Here’s why staging will help you as a seller or seller’s agent make more money:

  • Eighty-two percent of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. Staging is a highly effective marketing tool that can create a unique energy in the home for the potential buyer to explore. Some buyers may have a hard time envisioning furniture layouts and decor, and this can subconsciously be a deciding factor in the home selecting process.
  • Absolutely No Negative Impact. There really are no negative consequences for staging a home, unless it is staged poorly. However, in our experience, if you hire a professional and seasoned staging company, that will not be a concern. Experienced staging companies know how to create an aesthetic that compliments the house, rather than just throwing furniture together.
  • Eighteen percent of sellers’ agents said home staging increased the dollar value of a residence between 6% and 10%. Staging increases your top dollar as a seller by providing an experience for your buyer. Can you imagine Disneyland with just rollercoasters and no magical theme? You really can’t imagine it that way!
    31% of Seller’s agents said that home staging greatly decreased the amount of time a home spent on the market. If a buyer can see themselves in the home, then you better believe they will be excited to put in an offer. Staging creates that atmosphere so there’s a sense of excitement and urgency for the buyer. Homes in San Diego do not stay on the market for that long in general, but why not increase the odds of selling it quickly?
  • Staging is affordable at an average of $2,000 per month for a 2,000 square foot home in San Diego. Staging practically pays for itself, especially in a seller’s market. It is an inexpensive marketing fee that can bring you more money in the sale. Staging has a great return on investment.

In summary, when staging is done well, it can increase the sale amount and lessen the time on the market. What a dream come true! Sellers can get started in learning what their home is worth, as well as staging, with us by calling us 619-944-5972.